Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Sell away

Last week in a moment of 'Let's be productive' on a day off I decided to list some clothing for sale on facebook that I have not worn for ages or have used in previous shoots.

The response was awesome and had me at the post office everyday nearly. 

I wonder what girls are interested in finding when hunting through the op shops and vintage stores, I decided to put a shout out on facebook to see just what that was..

Summer accessories, belts, bags, jewellery and shoes! 

Seeing my favourite thing to do is hunt for amazing clothing and accessories I thought I could randomly hunt for such items and bring them to the people for sale, let's call it a part time vintage online sale!! 

Here are a few of the pieces I've just put up for sale :D

Check out the facebook album for more <3


Sunday, 23 October 2011

Meeting the Queen

I met the Queen. A personal idol of mine Gok Wan has inspired me for years. Not only is his Styling amazing, inventive and 'bang on trend', but he has empowered countless women to feel great through fashion which is what I love about the personal styling I do. That satisfaction to boost someones self esteem and that translates to all areas of their lives.

Here I am meeting the man and giving him a cheeky spiked headband from my label as a little gift for inspiring me.

Photography by my paparazzi boyfriend "Emil, go over there and get a good shot, ok?" 
Bossy in extreme circumstances. (Meeting Gok)

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Only the Lonely

It's been a very busy and exciting time for my label 'Only the Lonely' with Spring Racing underway. I am very busy with custom orders and I am loving the emails I'm receiving with pics of your dresses and creating something to suit it perfectly.

The best part will be seeing the photos of you girls wearing my pieces!

After a busy week I was thrilled that The Style Bungalow featured my label 'Only the Lonely' in their 'I crave fridays' section!