Monday, 14 November 2011

Festival fever

We are fast approaching the start of summer festivals.

Being a Melbourne girl I know the hype and excitement that comes along with this season for it's music and fashion. 

It's important when dressing for festivals to remember to HAVE FUN Use it as your chance to wear what ever you want and enjoy it, whether it's gumboots and fringed kimonos to cropped band tees and fluro leggings!!

An important style inspiration to me is re invention.

I love to create looks/designs that excite me and I always hope this translates to the people who view/wear my work. 

I take pride in my concepts and stay true to myself at all times and find it really sad when people imitate and copy, I recently posted a status asking "Is imitation really the most sincerest form of flattery?" As most creative people will tell you, NO! It simply takes away from everything you stand for in creating in the first place.

I have started putting together the start of my Summer Festival Range and here's a little sneak peak <3

Check out the page on Facebook 'Only the Lonely' 

ENJOY and have fun with your fashion this summer and remember to stay true to who you are! <3

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